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I write sometimes, read rarely,  talk a bit much, surf a bit more, binge-watch TV shows a lot more and play with no-name dogs the rest of the time. 

When i find time i love to travel and click pictures. I also love to potter around the house and take up random DIY projects that take forever to complete.I love cooking, and i especially love cooking when i have people over. I always find the time to shop. 

Who I am defines me and the work i do. I am interested in a zillion different things, but more than anything else, I am passionate about design, curious about a lot and love to learn.

I love

Bright colors
Fairy Lights

Open air spaces
Traditional arts n crafts - and hope to work in the revival of a dying form someday. 
Receiving gifts... especially of the handmade, or art n craft kind.

I'd like to

Wear shorts all the time and not be stared at. 

Live in a house that has a central courtyard, a BIG kitchen, lots of greens, and the sea in the backyard.

Be able to keep at least 4 dogs in that home. 

I am
left-handed and have 2 left feet.

I dream of
One day opening my little store in a big home that sells a whole lot of different things; the space has a coffee shop, a learning centre, an exhibition space and free wi-fi.
Traveling to Europe and New Zealand
Also traveling to South America, Japan, China, Jordan, Turkey, Burma, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia

I hate 
Stuff out of place / scattered around /  messed up.
People littering public places.
Rude people and people who interfere in other people's lives.

People who buy / adopt a pet and then abandon them.

I envy
People who get to travel because of their job and to see new places.

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